Welcome to Food For Thought Daily Inspiration

This is the first post for Food For Thought Daily Inspiration!  Beginning June 30, 2010, we will provide daily inspirational quotes combined with fine art! We are committed to sharing inspiration to everyone because we all need a little encouragement to make it through the day!

The art work is provided by Gallery of Dreams, Southern Arizona's Friendly Fine Art Gallery.  The quotations are derived from all types of sources. We have combined fine art and quotations to create a visual impact.  Sometimes we can just read words and it doesn't really mean anything, it doesn't touch your heart.  Adding the component of fine artwork, helps to visualize the concept and hopefully encourage you  to make it a reality.

Our primary goal is to inspire YOU to find the confidence and support to follow your dreams, whatever they may be!  Our secondary goal is to diminish some the hate and anger that we sometimes feel toward one another and promote the things that we all have in common. Throughout history, people, literature and music  from all backgrounds have led to inspiration that we can ALL find encouragement from. 

We are excited about this project, we would like to provide a forum of encouragement and inspiration as well.  We will encourage you to share the daily inspirations that inspire you with your friends.  We will encourage you to discuss how it makes your feel or share a personal experience that relates to our posts.  Feel free to posts comments here or via Facebook and/or Twitter.  Let us know, let the world know -- it's good for the soul!

In the meantime, enjoy "Vigilant"  by Deborah Peters and the words of encouragement by Charles Swindol. 

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