Six Simple Steps to Happiness

These six easy steps wouldn't take much to incorporate in anyone's schedule!  

1. Gratitude  

Each day write down three new things that you are grateful for.

2. Journaling

Write for two minutes each day.  Write anything that comes to mind.  Be positive!

3. Exercise

Exercise for 10 minutes each day.  Talk a walk.  Do some yoga.  Anything active.  10 minutes can fit into anyone's schedule.

4.  Monthly Pleasure Day

Take time out to do something 
pleasurable at least once a month.

5.  Thank someone!

Write a colleague an email to thank them or send a parent or child a note thanking them for something.  Thank the people you encounter during the day.  Just say thank you at least once a day.

6.  Meditate

Two minutes per day take sometime to relax your mind.  Close your eyes, forget about your worries and meditate.  Cleanse you mind!

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